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Just Results from an Unjust Ruling

If you are the victim of an adverse ruling, contact Zywicki Law Offices immediately. The time for filing an appeal begins to run the day the Court issues its ruling; consequently, contacting an attorney is imperative to preserve your rights.

  • Civil Judgments

  • Criminal Convictions

  • Contempt

  • Custody

Our areas of appeals

If an appeal is practical, we will thoroughly research applicable law and demand a change in the judge's ruling. If the law is contrary to our position, we are prepared to argue for a change in the law and attempt to establish your position as law in the State of Colorado.


Zywicki Law Offices appeals judgments in County Court, District Court, Colorado Court of Appeals, Colorado Supreme Court, Washington Court of Appeals, Washington Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Dedicated and determined representation

“Many trial lawyers do not handle appeals. While these attorneys may be effective advocates for their clients during a trial, they do not always understand how their actions affect their clients on appeal. It is important to retain legal counsel who will be there for you through the entire process. One who knows all the facts, one who prepares to win, one who fights to preserve your rights in the event the judge is wrong.”  

– Michael Zywicki

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Criminal Conviction
  • Divorce

  • Family Law

  • Parenting Time

  • Modification of Support

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