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Compassionate Representation in Matters of Family Law

Civil actions involving family members are sensitive matters, and radical changes in your relationships require a legal professional who can take a balanced approach. By managing the emotional toll you’re experiencing while minimizing the financial burdens, your legal counselor should not only resolve your current issues, but also provide you with the resources to enable you to recover from such a devastating loss.

  • Child Support

  • Custody

  • Decision Making

  • Divorce

  • Maintenance or Modification of Child Support

Helping you through your family matters

Zywicki Law Offices is an assuring legal presence during what is often a challenging time, both emotionally and financially. The firm combines a professional and diplomatic approach with aggressive measures for results that can make a dramatic difference in your life.


If you’re contemplating legal action, have been served with papers, are not able to visit with your children, or need to modify support payments—or if you’ve received an unjust ruling—call Zywicki Law Offices today at 303-777-4200 for your free consultation.

The emotional and financial support you need

“You may have met lawyers who fail to communicate with you or, even worse, who are in the habit of telling you what to do. I’ve spent my career listening and encouraging my clients to discuss their concerns without punishing them financially. Without communication, I cannot provide you with the best options available to resolve your legal issues. I don’t believe in hobbies; I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Success stories begin when people are well advised before they act.”

– Michael Zywicki

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  • Parental Rights

  • Paternity

  • Property Division

  • Restraining Orders

  • Separation

  • Visitation

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