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If you’ve ever watched a courtroom drama on television, you know real life situations are not as straightforward and often take years to resolve. If you become the victim of someone else’s carelessness the courtroom drama is now your reality and you need someone who is prepared address the resulting physical, emotional, and financial suffering you may endure.

  • Auto Accidents

  • Insurance Litigation

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Uninsured Motorist Claims

  • Wrongful Death

Personal injury cases that we handle:

The Zywicki Law Offices can seek financial assistance on your behalf through the use of medical liens and third-party advancements to cover medical bills and lost wages to ensure that you receive the care, resources, and compensation you need to recover. Once you have recovered, we will pursue responsible parties and sources of funds with your compensation in mind. If your judgment is appealed or in the event of an unjust ruling, Zywicki Law Offices is prepared to file an appeal.

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“I’m not a character on television who uses a nickname or an animal to market my legal practice. Actions speak louder than labels. I’m a dedicated lawyer with a natural understanding of how the system works and an ability to explain the process in a way that enables you to choose your best available option with confidence and clarity. I keep things simple and apply a no-nonsense approach to helping my clients recover fair and just results.”

– Michael Zywicki

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Picture from case handled by Zywicki Law Offices

Picture from case handled by Zywicki Law Offices